Programs Designed to FIT You!

We are a private health studio that specializes in personal training, athletic development, and nutrition. Our goal is to help individuals create healthy lifestyles, by providing them with the tools for success as well as the environment to safely, yet effectively move their bodies.  We believe in making small changes within our daily lives that add up to a complete lifestyle change. 

Our staff will help you achieve your personal goals and maintain a healthier lifestyle. With a holistic approach, we deliver the detail-oriented attention and training you need to successfully meet your personal health & fitness goals, regardless of your previous experience.

Let us help you create a life full of movement and healthy choices. Schedule your free consultation today and get the MOMENTUM you need to get into the best shape of your life.

If you are a new client and looking for the best way to get started with Momentum, we recommend scheduling your initial consultation, so we may answer any questions you have. We will take measurements, set goals, and complete a fitness assessment during this first appointment. We require an initial screening for all clients. All of our clients may choose the service they feel would best meet their goals and their budget. 


General Fitness for Life
Weight Loss
Mobility Training for All Stages of Life
Strength Training
Race Prep./Endurance Training
Healthy Lifestyle Changes
Strength & Conditioning for Athletic Development
Nutritional Guidance
Corporate Wellness


Personal training is the most progressive form of training. It may be scheduled with you as a one on one session, or you may train with a buddy*. Your trainer will be with you for the full session and your program will be specifically tailored to fit your goals and your needs. We take into account medical conditions, previous injuries, lifestyle, athletic demands, and everything needed to make a truly specific program to help you accomplish your goals as safely and effectively as possible. We measure our success by your success. Private training may be supplemented with our group training for added results!

*Buddy training rates are higher than one on one training. For more information on pricing, CONTACT US.

Group Training 

Group training programs are still specific to the individual's needs, just implemented in a group setting, so the cost is less per session. For group training, you must reserve your space in advance. All times outside the schedule below are for private training and buddy training. If you would like to create a new group, contact us to schedule times. A minimum of 4 participants are required.

In order to participate in group training, you must complete an initial consultation & movement screening.