Like a fingerprint, Every body is different thus, every training program should have a foundation in this uniqueness. How one feels, looks, and performs are all byproducts in part from the demands placed on the body both physically and nutritionally. By age 3, we are all masters of our bodies, yet we somehow forget some of this mastery level knowledge as we pursue other life goals as teens and adults.

Darian has spent 20 plus yrs. studying various aspects of exercise science, bio-mechanics, engineering and physics to help people reconnect and reclaim their bodies in order to achieve their true goals. With a specific background in joint mechanics, Darian has come to understand that there is an order of operation to exercise that applies to all ages and both genders. This knowledge provides a clear path for anyone to follow when they are ready.

If you are an individual looking to move through life more freely, a person who struggles from movement limitations caused by arthritis or another medical condition, Darian is the right fit for you. His calm demeanor and gentle approach are perfect for the aging and limited movement population.