Group Training 

Our group training programs are a great way to get started. They are awesome workouts with amazing people. If you want the benefit of high quality exercise programming as well as a positive environment for growth and change, group training with Momentum is where it’s at! Groups are usually 4 to 6 people (not 20). The small group keeps the workouts safe and effective because the trainer can actually coach you through your routines. These workouts help create good practices for overall health and wellness, while improving your fitness level. Training routines are designed to create strength, burn calories, prevent injury and challenge you. You get the benefit of having a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

If you are looking to improve your fitness, overall health, make some new friends and have the support of working out in a group, call us to get started. 

Isometric Fit

Isometric Fit is a 30 minute, full body workout that utilizes isometric exercise as its primary tool. Darian Williams will guide you through low impact movement to create mobility through stability. When the joint is supported by our muscles, it can move more freely.
This group session is perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced participants.