The Momentum Program for Sports Performance was designed to improve athletic performance while reducing the risk for injury.

Every sport has injuries associated with the demands placed upon the body by the sport and we build programs to address these demands. We design and implement structured routines that will improve athletic performance, reduce the risk for injury and will create a foundation for a healthier life outside the sport. We are here to educate, to motivate and to facilitate change.

Athletic Combine Testing

A structural balance test, flexibility & movement screening, and a strength test will provide measurable information about the athlete which allows us to design programs to improve performance, reduce the risk for injury and progress the athlete toward the next level of athletic performance. *This is REQUIRED to participate in our Athletic Strength & Conditioning Programs.

4 Week General Preparedness Training

General preparedness training is a 4 week program designed for general athletic conditioning. Dual sport, or multi sport athletes are preferred to join this program. Up to 4 athletes may train at the same time. 

Sport Specific Training

The next level of competition is waiting! Improve movement efficiency, coordination, performance, and flexibility with our strength & conditioning programs for athletes. Our programs reduce the risk of injury and keep the athlete's body healthy and able to withstand the demands of sport. 

Our programs are designed to be appropriate for age, gender, development & skill level. If you or your child participate in team sports, we recommend signing up for a solid strength and conditioning program. We offer on and off site services. 

Athletes will be challenged and motivated every step of the way. We will work on creating more joint stability, range of movement (flexibility), strength, power, speed and agility. While strength and conditioning for athletes is extremely important, we will also focus on educating the athletes about the importance of proper nutrition. Keep an eye out for our scheduled seminars.

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