The Momentum Program for Sports Performance was designed to improve athletic performance while reducing the risk for injury.

Every sport has injuries associated with the demands placed upon the body by the sport and we build programs to address these demands. We design and implement structured routines that will improve athletic performance, reduce the risk for injury and will create a foundation for a healthier life outside the sport. We are here to educate, to motivate and to facilitate change.

Athletic Combine Testing

A structural balance test, flexibility & movement screening, and a strength test will provide measurable information about the athlete which allows us to design programs to improve performance, reduce the risk for injury and progress the athlete toward the next level of athletic performance. *This is REQUIRED to participate in our Athletic Strength & Conditioning Programs.

4 Week General Preparedness Training

General preparedness training is a 4 week program designed for general athletic conditioning. Dual sport, or multi sport athletes are preferred to join this program. Up to 4 athletes may train at the same time. 

Sport Specific Training

The next level of competition is waiting! Improve movement efficiency, coordination, performance, and flexibility with our strength & conditioning programs for athletes. Our programs reduce the risk of injury and keep the athlete's body healthy and able to withstand the demands of sport. 

Our programs are designed to be appropriate for age, gender, development & skill level. If you or your child participate in team sports, we recommend signing up for a solid strength and conditioning program. We offer on and off site services. 

Athletes will be challenged and motivated every step of the way. We will work on creating more joint stability, range of movement (flexibility), strength, power, speed and agility. While strength and conditioning for athletes is extremely important, we will also focus on educating the athletes about the importance of proper nutrition. Keep an eye out for our scheduled seminars.

We have programs for ALL athletes!


If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us or give us a call!

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A specialized fusion of training and education tailored to dancers.

Started in 2015, Method has been an unprecedented concept, founded by a duet of seasoned and active professionals in the personal training and dance industries. Dancer Athlete Method is a program that structures movement and programming of the body to:

Enhance performance

Increase dancer wellness

Reduce risk of injury

Amplify dance skills

We compliment and accelerate dancers' performance and ability as an athlete, in conjunction with their current programs. Todays serious dancers rehearse and compete year-round, giving dancers bodies minimal rest and increased risk for injury and stress, both physically and emotionally. Method is a proven program to help serious dancers achieve, and even exceed, their goals in a safe and educational manner.


I never understood the benefit of strength training until working with Marie and Krystina. Krystina's amazing creativity for dance choreography, her passion for the arts and her students, and Marie's expertise of the human body and strength development, combine for a team that is dedicated to personalizing choreography and workouts specific to each dancer. They work together during my choreography rehearsals to design my training program in order to benefit my performance. My overall performance-everything from endurance, to stability, to my mind-body connection has greatly improved. Because of Method, and Krystinas choreography, I was successfully prepared for an audition that would lead me to a dance scholarship to the George Washington University. I am forever grateful to this program for strengthening me as a young woman and artist!

-Julia Scolapio, scholarship recipient, George Washington University

My plan with Method is to train and become a leading example for the community and to other artistsI take away hope every day I leave a session with Method. It is said that its impossible to be a break-dancer and a ballet dancer at the same timewell, with Method, Im able to share the new definition of possibilities.

 -James Boyd, Bad Boys of Dance, Founder of Art-In-Flight

Krystinas career as a professional dancer put her on stages in NYC, across the country, and internationally. Her sought-after choreography has been featured on television, cruise ships and theme parks, and she has taught thousands of students around the United States. She has worked on the small screen and Broadway and off-Broadway, and studied under the finest educators and professionals in the industry. She brings a wealth of resource as a seasoned dance competition director and adjudicator to her coaching of students and pre-professional dancers. She is also a writer for Floridas leading dance magazine, World of Dance.

photo credit Don Fadel

photo credit Don Fadel

I have seen the industry change so much with the commercialization of dance, along with the pressure of our society for individuals to be the best at something younger and younger. Additionally, dancers are trained as if their bodies are not human forms, and the "tricks" and contortions being rehearsed are without educated coaching or supervision. Dancers are not granted the time or patience to evenly balance their craft and themselves inside and out in order to achieve true longevity in the business. I chose when I took my final curtain call; I took care of myself and was gifted a long and rewarding dance career. It was not my body that failed me, forcing me to stop auditioning or taking gigs. I am proud that I control my body and profession in that way! I love being able to help others through Dancer Athlete Method.

Oklahoma City University - B.S. Dance & Arts Management
Florida Department of Education - Dance, K-12
NASM personal trainer