Our trainers are well educated, highly skilled and experienced. We are invested in you and take pride in the success of our clients. We all have our specialties and work as a team to ensure you get the most out of your experience with Momentum.


Klodi Muskaj

Director of Sports Performance - MS, NSCA CSCS

As the Director of Sports Performance with Momentum, Klodi oversees the collegiate internship program and is responsible for athletic strength & conditioning programs for all levels of athletes.

Klodi's vision is to inspire his athletes/clients to achieve success during their experience in fitness; and to make a positive impact that helps people change their lives.

Klodi believes in the design and implementation of safe and effective training programs that focus on specific training goals. Improving sport performance, increasing mobility/flexibility, and making healthy lifestyle changes, all while reducing the likelihood of injuries are goals in which Klodi takes pride in assisting his clients to achieve. His passion for training shows through every session and the design of his training programs. 

Marie Merritt

Owner, Master Trainer, NFPT CPT

From the day we are born, until the day we die, we are meant to move. This is the foundation of Momentum. We are in constant motion, down to a cellular level. Our bodies and minds are meant to be challenged, in order to make changes. Marie believes in building bodies from the inside out. The importance of proper nutrition and its effects on the body's performance and recovery are just as vital to the success of any program as the training being implemented.

Marie empowers people to make changes in their lifestyle in order to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves.  Focusing on the client and what fuels them helps ensure success in their lifestyle change.  Momentum is the environment in which clients can completely focus on themselves and what they want to achieve.


Krystina Nelson



Krystina Nelson empowers clients through fitness and nutrition. She creatively designs programs to help improve strength, stamina, balance, coordination and flexibility. While focusing on people's needs and goals, she utilizes a fusion of traditional strength & weight training in combination with other disciplines to keep program fun, challenging, and rewarding.

As founder of Momentum's Dancer Athlete Method program, she offers great insight to the demands of the professional dance industry. The program includes helping to reduce risk of injury and accelerate skill/technique of aspiring dancers. The result for the client is a stronger, healthier dancing experience.

Matt Hendrick Trainer Ponte Vedra Momentum

Matt Hendrick

NSCA CSCS, ISSA Sports Nutrition, Post Rehab Certified

With almost 20 years in the industry, Matt has provided clients with progressive, results driven training programs. His training style and education bring an awesome dynamic to the Momentum team.
His philosophy is predicated on diversity, functionality, strength, power, endurance, flexibility and sound nutrition.

Matt has experienced great success with clients of all stages in life and all physical abilities. He has worked with numerous athletes ranging from the professional and collegiate levels to recreational athletes who want to improve their performance. His history as a collegiate and professional athlete have added to his skill set and existing knowledge which helps him create unique and successful programs for his clients.

Darian Williams Momentum

Darian Williams

RTS, MAT-Jumpstart, NASM CPT

Like a fingerprint, Every body is different thus, every training program should have a foundation in this uniqueness. How one feels, looks, and performs are all byproducts in part from the demands placed on the body both physically and nutritionally. By age 3, we are all masters of our bodies, yet we somehow forget some of this mastery level knowledge as we pursue other life goals as teens and adults.

Darian has spent 20 plus yrs. studying various aspects of exercise science, bio-mechanics, engineering and physics to help people reconnect and reclaim their bodies in order to achieve their true goals. With a specific background in joint mechanics, Darian has come to understand that there is an order of operation to exercise that applies to all ages and both genders. This knowledge provides a clear path for anyone to follow when they are ready.

If you are an individual looking to move through life more freely, a person who struggles from movement limitations caused by arthritis or another medical condition, Darian is the right fit for you. His calm demeanor and gentle approach are perfect for the aging and limited movement population.

Marquis Edwards Trainer Momentum

Marquis Edwards


Marquis graduated from the University of North Florida in 2013 with a degree in Exercise Science. He has always had a passion for being physically active. Playing baseball and basketball since the age of 4 has given him the understanding of the physical demands imposed by sport. He has an immense passion for helping young athletes achieve their goals and improve their performance through strength and agility training. One of his favorite things about training athletes is when they begin to notice performance improvement and ease and they are excited to tell him about it.

Helping others in life has always come naturally to Marquis. Training allows him to fulfill both of the aspects of life by helping others to be more physically active and healthier throughout life. When clients perform feats they never thought possible, reach their goals and are happy with the success of their training it fuels Marquis to continue to strive for better in his training career. 

When he is not training clients you can usually find him playing basketball, struggling through his own workouts, or educating himself to be better.

Cathy smallwood personal trainer ponte vedra beach momentum

Cathy Smallwood

NASM CPT, Group Fitness Instructor

Cathy is engaging, well educated and will always provide a stellar workout. She challenges clients to push themselves outside their comfort zones and helps them accomplish their goals in fitness. As a group fitness instructor, she is engaging, motivating and carries that into her personal training sessions.

Cathy has a passion for fitness and helping people reach a healthier lifestyle. She continually works toward better for herself and for those around her and she never settles for less. 

shelby panter momentum wellness personal trainer.jpg

Shelby Panter

ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Shelby graduated from the University of North Florida in 2017 with a degree in Exercise Science. She is currently continuing her education with a masters degree in Exercise Physiology and Chronic Disease. She found her love for health and fitness through competing as a D1 collegiate swimmer. After coaching swimming for 8 years, Shelby realized she wanted to extend her personal and educational knowledge of health and fitness to a greater population.

Shelby specializes in disease prevention programs and enhancing quality of life through physical fitness. She aims to encourage clients with her positive attitude to help them reach their health and fitness goals.


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